June 18, 2008

ScrnGrab for Windows CE H/PC Updated!

Posted at June 18, 2008 11:20 AM in Software .

Since I had new equipment (Jornada 720) and an obvious flaw pointed out by a reader, I went in here to update and test with the new equipment. It was my first Handhelp PC with 16bit color depth to test on and it failed! I fixed that failure, some graphical thing in the about box due to small screen, and the tray icon menu not popping and posted. Note, no changed to the Windows app at this time.

Changes in version 1.0.1
June 17, 2008
- Make 2nd About box, so it is not chopped off for small vertical screen resolutions.
- Fixed so 16bit display screen capture works in H/PC environment.
- Fixed menu not operating when double clicked from system tray icon.

Previous write-up and usage instructions: Click Here!

Download Link: Click Here!


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